This quote was on the wall in the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Ut. I have heard it before. I think that this saying goes beyond our environment. It can apply to learning in general. Teaching can lead to understanding. Understanding can lead to love. I think that the best teachers are also the ones who truly love their subject.

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Attitude Change

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about attitude. In this short TED video, Ric Elias talks about if you had a 2nd chance to live, what would you change?

Click the Link Below to go to the video:

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Education Evolution

Great class video about how today’s classrooms are using an out-dated model.

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Play Doh Circuits

I love TED. I love 4 minute TED videos even more. This post is about a video I found on TED about Play-doh circuits. The cool thing about Play-doh is that every one loves it. I’ve used play-doh in a couple of my college courses and it was still fun for everyone in the class. The website for more info is found at: They have recipes to make the dough and what kind of wires and lights work best; and where to buy them. Enjoy:

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Library Rage

This guy is a new favorite of mine. If you have not heard or seen anything by Taylor Mali, please watch a few of his quick videos on youtube. It will make your day. Here is one:

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Icepicks and education

Great post about student autonomy:


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Lighting a flame

This is a great little motivational video. Thinking back on my educational experience, I can really relate to this. I can think of teachers that were really passionate about their content. I might even agree that being passionate about your subject is half the work. Helping your students succed once they have that flame is the other half. I think there are plenty of passionate teachers that still aren’t the best teachers. They may light a spark, but unless they help the students succeed at learning, that flame might die if the teacher in the next grade isn’t passionate.

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